Hello & Welcome:

नमस्ते र स्वागतम्

Seeking therapy exhibits courage, hope, and a commitment to growth. It requires us to acknowledge our inner wisdom signaling the need to heal and create changes. The enormity of this task can feel daunting, but it is an effort worth undertaking.

If you have experienced childhood wounds, traumatic events, struggle with your relationship with yourself and others, carry a great deal of shame or guild, or feel detached from your core-self or hopes, I am here to support your. Whether you are ready to jump right in to address and face painful internal and external experiences, or you are open to curiosity, exploration, or a better understanding of these experiences, you are welcome as you are.

We will start right were you are.

Painful or distressing experiences can scar us psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, but these experiences never erode our capacity to heal. With safe connections and relationships that provide warmth, security, and compassion, we can begin to reclaim our story and ourself. Wherever you are, I will walk alongside you until you arrive at a place of stability and hope.