Chhahari & Chautari

The Importance Of Chhahari

Chhahari in Nepali means shade. This word reminds me of my childhood in Nepal, where the elders in my community would sit on a Chautari – a sitting area shaded by an old, sacred tree. There they would share their wisdom, laughters and tears, and personal stories of hope, pain, and perseverance to curious ears.

This practice of community healing and building is well ingrained in me. We all come with personal stories that are influenced and impacted by our community, the intersection of our identities, and even the stories of our family and friends. These stories can be a positive influence and promote our growth. Sometimes, they can also prevent us from being our truest self and reaching our full potential – this is where I come in. I am here to provide you support by offering a figurative Chautari with a Chhahari as you move towards your healing.