Intimate Partner Violence and Patriarchy: Part I

Image Texts: Maintaining power and control is at the heart of intimate partner violence. Power and Control are exerted through various means: Financial, Psychological/Emotional, Verbal, Physical Examples: Threats, Insults, Destroying Property, Isolating the Partner, Blaming, Denying Abuse, Using the Children (if you have children), Not Letting You Access Money, Playing Mind Games, etc. How does … Continue reading Intimate Partner Violence and Patriarchy: Part I

Happy MLK Jr. Day!

Here we are again! It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the eve of inauguration day in the U.S. I don’t want to exploit the importance of MLK Jr., his words, and his work, but I sure am thinking about intergenerational trauma. I am thinking about how and whether we can actually heal from trauma … Continue reading Happy MLK Jr. Day!

My New Year Wishes For You

Could your new year be about looking inward as much as it is about looking outward? Could your new year be about manageable steps rather than high jumps that leave you breathless and depleted? Could your new year be about the feelings, themes, and sensations you want rather than just actions or resolutions?


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