Happy Dashain, Dear Ones!

Auspicious Dashain Tika Sahit- 2075 | Embrace Nepal
PC: embracenepal.com

A Very Happy Dashain to all those who celebrate this joyous festival!

It’s a tough year for this celebration – fewer hands to bless us, fewer games and dances, even fewer resources for many than usual, and perhaps an increased sense of isolation in addition to the usual sense of separation if you are a part of the Nepali or Bhutani diaspora. If you are in a region affected by climate change like us here in Colorado or by an oppressive government like in the US at this time, this festival may be especially painful right now. Sending you all a lot of love and warmth this season. I hope that even if the incredible social aspect of this festival is absent right now, a sense of love and belonging, of playfulness, and of fighting for the good of our communities are present and palpable.

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